Kicked off the day with a Mother's Day dim sum with the family, followed by a study session for my last set of board exams, and groceries. I was gifted this One Language tote and decided it was time to put some use to it--it's just the right size for my laptop, study prep books, notebooks, and my board flashcards. Now off to study some more Pharmacology, and to process the information a bit better, a side of vino, Boursin, and bread may not be a bad idea! Happy Mother's Day!


H&M jacket, Converse sneakers, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, One Language tote, Urban Outfitters jeans

miam @ boursin, wine and bread. actually my picnic food, which im totally craving. happy mothers day to yer mum! haha and good luck with exams gal.

love the sneaks!!


I really like your Outfit :)


Cute and casual! :o) Love your sneakers!


Nothing beats dim sum with the fam!

So cool! You look great

the bag seems to have the perfect space, but it is so expensive!

Oh my, that's such a great weekend/everyday bag! So quirky :) Good luck with your exams, Sophia!

Pretty! Lovce the bright colours of your All Stars! Great styling! Great blog! XO Raspberry & Rouge

Now you made me lust after a new pair of all star's! and a handmade tote bag. geez, i guess i will be broke all my life.

Ahw! Adorable sky-blue converse!

I lovelovelove that tote, so perfectly functional. Who doesn't love a good dose of dimsum? I went for it on Mothers day as well. Mmmm. :)

totally love this casual look:))

Love your blue converse and bag!


Vino and boursin always make my mind clearer.....or calmer anyways. Good luck with the last of the tests! You make studying look so chic.

Dim sum is soooo good. Same for the sneakers: the color is great!

cute allstars! x

Sound like you had a delicious Mother's Day. :) Best of luck with the rest of your exams! You must be studying like mad right now, but I'm sure you'll be just fine.

what a cute casual outfit! and good luck studying for the rest of your exams. I've finished all of mine a couple of weeks ago. dreadful! but so happy it's over with. ^_^


nice bag :)

you have a great style! :D

//love MK
A Swedish blog!

great bag:)

Adorable sky-blue converse!

Homeowner Insurance

Love the canvas bag and splashy converse shoes!
Oh, by the way, your 'about' and 'faq' page aren't working..

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kisses from your follower♡
With love Little Sable

gorgeous outfit:) you have such an eye for colourings and textures
such an inspirational blog:)


great mix of colors, miss! i would LOVE if you visit my blog and, if you like it, follow me like i follow you. XX