Today is Graduation! Though I still have a couple of small things at school to finish up before I officially call myself Dr. Chou, I am ecstatic. I can't believe this day has finally arrived. This is my graduation garb all sprawled out on my bed. More photos to come!
Awesome, congratulations!

Congratulations! :)

wow. congratulations!



Congrats! I still want to wear a cap like that (since we don't use them here in Holland) but it would be so cool!


Well, I'm going to call you Dr. right now- congrats Dr. Sophia!! What an accomplishment. And you will most definitely be best dressed because that is one amazing grad outfit :)

Aah, still a few years to go before I can call myself Dr. :) CONGRATS!!

Congrats!!! Valeria

Wow, that's amazing - congratulations!! I can't wait to see you wearing your graduation outfit, it looks amazing. Love how you've chosen such a simple and chic look to go with the robe - you will look stunning!

Wowza congratulations, really really admire you that you managed to prioritize and make it work out so splendidly! :D

Congratulations! Your graduation garb looks so vibrant. Loving that red dress. Wishing you all the best!

oh mylanta! CONGRATULATIONS, that is AMAZING!
seriously, VERY admirable. A Fantastic Feat.
Hope the weather is good on grad day! (from what I remember when I lived in Boston, it always rained on my school's graduation matter what year it was, hehe) fabulous under-gown wear btw!
xo Diana


Congratulations! After years of studying, you're finally done!

Congrats! Look forward to the future :)

How exciting - also, that is the cutest dress!

that dress is amazing, where'd you get it?

Congrats , love the dress !!!