Massive Spring cleaning which means a handful of items will be up for sale soon on the Shop Phosphene tumblr. Please read the top of the page for details on how to purchase! I'll be adding items nearly every day, so be sure to check back often for new items. Here's a preview of what's going up today.
oh myyy, so pretty!!!

why're you selling these zara stilettos? They're so amazing!

@KK they're too large on me! :o(

they're too large on me! :o(

I wish I had unlimited money, then I could buy your whole closet!

What size are those Zara shoes?

Yay! Think I should start saving now so that I can get a few things... :o) Lovely stuff!


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What size are the zara shoes??? I already own a pair, but wouldn't mind getting one more.

i too am dying to know...what size are the zara pumps? i've been looking for them in a 6 for months and no zaras i went to had them in small sizes.

would love to buy them if you have them in a 6!


Gosh if those zara pumps were my size, I'd totally grab them! Too bad ;(

amazing shoes I fall in love with them!

oh that dress <3 I think I've fallen in love, in first sight.

I want that zara heels, cant wait cant wait

Like everyone else wants to know, what size are the Zara heels? I tried soooo hard to find them in 7 but of course they didn't have the most common size left :(

I love the 1st shoes!

I wish i could fit in this black dress :(