Yesterday's graduation. Not pictured are the fifty ton (I exaggerate, a bit) hood and the itchy multi-cornered tam. Anyway, it was truly surreal to hear Dr. prepended to our names. The thought of it still makes me stupidly giddy. I seriously wonder when the novelty will start to wear off. Now, the real world awaits.


Zara dress, Zara heels, graduation garb

you look beautiful! i love how even in your grad garb, you are still the picture of color blocking perfection! congrats dr. chou!

The red is so striking! Congratulations! x

The red is so gorg!


Big congrats! You look fantastic.

I know how it feels to have that title attached to your name. Congratulations to a fellow doctor! :)

I have the exact same Zara dress and d'orsay heels! You look fantastic in them, and congrats on such a great achievement.
much love.

congratulations!! That's so awesome, and must've been exciting to receive your doctorate/PhD after so much hard work :)
Looking gorgeous for grad too x

wow! congratulations, doctor! you look superb! :)))

I must say your gown is very on trend with colour blocking haha. Hope the heels weren't too painful for your special day

Huge congrats, DOCTOR! :o)



beautiful heels<3

Congratulations! I am sure you will do just fine in the real world :D You look amazing in that dress :D

congratulations!! ahhh makes me want to graduate asap. lol.

congratulations, dear. such a achivement!
you look absolutely brilliant!

wowee, you look great!

You look gorgeous. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. My aunt is also a dentist and told me how surreal her graduation was. :) I am so glad to see your blog posts again

Wow, congrats!

Congratulations! That's such a huge accomplishment. As inspiring as you are sartorially, this is a bit more inspirational :) Congrats again.


CONGRATS!! what an amazing accomplishment :) and you look stunning!

Aww, congratulations! You're on your way to being a big girl haha :P

the red looks beautiful on you,
congrats. have some wine, and bubbly.
it's time to begin the future!

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Major congrats on your accomplishment! May I ask what you received your doctorate in? I'm so curious! Wishing you nothing but the best.

Congratulations for your graduations, doctor. You look so sexy and beautiful in your attire.

congratulations!you are very beautiful!beautiful !

thats incredible! congratulations!

omg congrats girl!!!!!!!!! dr. PHOSPHENE. no. joking. how have u been???? i'm living in beijing now. are u still going to shanghai in july?

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When did you get engaged? I can see your ring ;)


good eye! i did get engaged, and only a couple days before my graduation. it was an insane whirlwind of events. as you can see, i forgot to mention one of them :)

congrats on graduating! you look great in this dress btw

Vi from Cali

Congratulations! I like your college gown. Colorful. Compare to my gown when I graduated last almost 9 years ago. Does this mean you have more time to blog?

congrats! you look amazing.

clothes are cute

A fashionable Dr... no doubt, you are shinning...haha..congra

korean fashion

You look so adorable! You are so beautiful. Love your graduation outfit, so stylish!

en la moda

Congatulations!!! You look fab in the graduation robe :)

You look a million dollars! I've never seen such a stylish graduation photo, fo reals! congratulations! x

congrats! i have the same dress love it!

This is really beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen a nicer graduation outfit.

i love those heels!

Congrats m'dear x

congrats!!!!!! you look beautiful. xx

I have the same pair. They hurt. *Rubs feet*

gorgeous dress! <3


Congratulations Dr. Greatdressed!

Congrats Sophia! You look lovely as always :)

One of the best outfits I´ve seen, you look amazing.