Still a little nuts over these Cast of Vices bag. I think I may have to finally give in. Designed by Hassan Rahim and inspired by those plastic bodega bags. Simplicity, a bit of edge, major want.
So much better than the plastic version! I like! :)

So simple and the black makes it so perfect.

i absolutely love this it reminds me of this leather bag in the shape of a brown paper bag. i love it!

I just saw the very same thing, I feel the same way.

very cool.

ohh love it! so simple x

fantastic. less is more.

This bag is so Nice, Want to have it..NOW!!

love the concept. absolutely great!

staklene bombone

You should splurge and get it! I have the Jill Sander version and it is a classic.

Oh, can I wish for the same thing?


sooo lovely, I really like the embossed writing on the side.

Oak has a version of these that has the Thank You Thank You Thank You embossed on it too.

I definitely love this bad, too. It's so versatile! Simple and sleek. Lovely.

Yes I love it! Also blogged about this bag earlier.

uuuu, I've seen it a few times here and there and all I can say is: give up... :)

staklene bombone

Your blog has lovely photography. Knowing that you have worked so hard for a PhD makes reading your musings that more interesting.

This is a Matrix-chic type of bag. Very cool. Sort of a trickle-up theory of fashion.

Like your blog title too - phosphene, a flash of light.