Working full-time takes so much out of you. The first week I came home each night hungry enough to eat a buffalo but too sleepy to hunt down food. Having been a student my entire life up until to this point, getting into this new flow will take some time, but it's already much better than last week. I'm finding energy to work on my side projects, run errands, and blog after running around like a chicken with its head cut off seeing patients at work (need moar doctors).

Moving along, I love these new silk pants--the inky blue color, the feel of the fabric against my skin, and the relaxed fit. For the moment, I'm over skinny skinny jeans. It's either an unabashed bare leg or a pair of relaxed pants for me.


H&M chambray shirt, vintage silk tank, Club Monaco silk trousers, Zara court shoes

It must be so exciting to be featured in a fashion show! Good luck walking - hopefully you won't have a Carrie moment like in Sex in the City =D

stop by!

Love this look. I lived in my skinny jeans while travelling so am looking forward to taking a break from them. Good luck with the show - I'm sure you'll nail it!

Good luck and have a blast!

Oh gosh but the best part of it all is not ever having to do homework again. I think that is why I put grad school off for so long, now that I'm deep into it and just returning from summer break, I want to pull my hair out! Enjoy it! But it does take a while to get into the routine of working full time, I felt exhausted all the time at first

You look so chic in the chambray blouse paired with the trousers! Very polished.

♥, Jamie

You look so elegant! I'm sure you'll get into the routine of working full-time soon enough x

Love the outfit, so chic, I think that when women dress like boys is when they look their hottest ^^

I'm dreadingmy first full-time job for the same reasoons as well but at least I tell myself there won't be studying at home up until late anymore. I'm glad you're adjusting to your new routine. It must be very exciting all those new changes with the engagement, new real job etc... Enjoy! :)


Well, I've got a plan to ditch skinnies completely, but let's see if I'm able to do so... :o)
Simple and elegant, love it!


Ahh, new post! I love this soft line of these silky pants and they look perfect with Zara heels. PS I know this feeling- too hungry to sleep, to tired to cook:)

Fulltime work is crazy! Sometimes I don't know how people do it. I get used to each time I have to do work experience, but I guess money makes up for the time lost...

love this look so much! The pants totally go with these heels!

great look!

I am loving your entire outfit! Working full time is super crazy, but props to you for being able to manage it all! :)

love your pants
you look great!
wish you the best for the show!

o gosh, i'd like to describe your outfit as a perfect boy meets girl combo.
the famous zara shoes look definitely amazing with your clothes.
adore it!

love those trousers!

Love the outfit -- very classy. :) And wow, you're walking at a fashion show!

this is really so very nice!

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Love your outfit! laid back and chic at the same time. Those heels are lovely

Awesome outfit; it's a perfect marriage of masculine and feminine.

clothes are cute
Feelin' Hella Elegant

I completely agree. Comfortable, loose and low-waisted is where it's at.


You look so classy and still relaxed at the same time! Loving the shoes and the silky pants, completely agree with you on that point. Although it's really hard for me to find pants that actually fit me (my waist is much too small compared to my legs) so finding pieces like these is a rare thing for me... Hope you can get used to your new way of living soon, and good luck with your runway show! I'm sure you'll do fine!

Love, Lisa

Want those pants! You look great :)

I love this look, and the silk pants are exquisite. Very happy to have located your blog!

I love this look

I am inclined to agree. I am trying so hard to ditch the skinny jean collection I have acquired over the years, though the Cheap Monday pair I own is still as irresistible and effortless as the first day I got it.

Love your blog and your outfits!

I just discovered your blog and I love it! You have an amazing style and you are beautiful!
I am your new follower :)

I love this look, it's so without attracting attention but still unique! =)

Your look is awesome. I guess you are using clinique makeup product during Clinique Bonus Time?

Nice outfit!


Love the pants! I'm your new follower.

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you are so stylish and your photos have amazing quality. very professional. I am going to follow your blog... so inspirational!!


An awesome outfit!!!Love it!!The pants is perfect!

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super !!

Wonderful shirt. Whether it is in other colors? I will be grateful for your response

Looks amazing, love those pants.

Such a chic outfit! Love the shoes!