February 15, 2011
Having done a bit of DIY in the past, M&J Trimming approached me in collaborating for their very first "Blogger of the Month" challenge. The challenge was to DIY-up a few items using only the supplies they've pre-selected for me. Here, I jazzed up a vintage silk blouse with some iron-on beads and a grosgrain bow. Want to see some more DIY ideas? Check out their blog!
How exciting! The blouse looks amazing. Congrats!

such a cute blouse

your DIYS are so inspiring. this top is perfect for the spring season!

So pretty! I think I'll make it since it's so easy.

that collar reminds me of button candy gone completely minimalist. rad.

wow that is so cool! you did a great job :)

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Niiiiiice! That blouse looks great!

Very nice ! :)

the blouse look amazingly done!

ooh! so cute

Ooo, I really love this! So far tag.loudly has been A-mazing :)

This is SO exciting! I absolutely love it and want to give it a go myself - congratulations on such exciting news


January 13, 2011
I'm probably not the only one who has accumulated a rhinestone here and a chain there from broken jewelry over the years. Oftentimes, I just store broken pieces that I believe have potential to be re-worked in the future in a junk box. Today, I re-worked a broken vintage rose brooch and a cuff that my sister made for me. The brooch was tarnished and the pin backing was all mangled. After ripping off the pin backing with pliers, I sandpapered the surfaces of the cuff and the pin that I wanted to glue together. The roughened surfaces takes the JB Weld material better. JB Weld is a very easy-to-use cold welding technique, and works by thoroughly mixing equal portions of 2 pastes together. Mixing the two together sets off a base-catalyst reaction. To do the mixing, anything disposable is good to use. I used a tongue blade (thick popsicle stick) here. Finally, I applied the mixed paste to both surfaces, and let set for 6 hours. Bam! There you have it--a simple project to re-vamp your broken and neglected jewels with the super easy cold welding technique. If this DIY were any easier, it'd be a crime. Can't wait to wear this with a stack of other cuffs and bracelets!
Do you study jewelery design?

beautiful! x


i haven't studied jewelry design. just experimenting :)

It's great. But I wont to study in Glasgow, or Saint Martins school.Can't decide))

Wow that's awesome! I can never bring myself to throw out broken jewellry, but then I always forget about it and do nothing with it, you've inspired me to investigate and maybe DIY myself!


How cute! I'm in love with your blog. Seriousl...
How cute!
I'm in love with your blog. Seriously.

Miss, this is such a wonderful idea! You did such a great job on this. I'm no inspired to go through all my bits and pieces and see if there is anything I can salvage!


Oh pretty!! Those pieces look like they were meant to go together! I am a fairly crafty person too and never throw out any broken jewellery, for christmas I had a glue gun so will def be doing more revamping with broken pieces!

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very cute!!! LOVE your blog!! =)

ooh great idea! yay more DIY posts please

yay for the bracelet. looks a lot prettier now with your addition :)

wow, wonderful! I've never heard of cold welding, I need to look into that! I like to glue beach glass to broken ring backs :)

Happy weekend!

Such skill!



thanks for the diy tip! i'm a diy jewelry enthusiast and i'm crazy about I make my own unique jewelry designs with easy clickable, mix and match magnetic studs. brings out my creativity!

Freshwater pearls can be used to make unique pieces.

Freshwaters Pearls


January 12, 2010

Another pair of shoes to add to the collection, but I'm sure this one wins in the "most lethal" department. I wore them out a few times already and people's eyes instantly drift to my feet. I also managed to impale my own feet a few times...ouch. I'm making a very convincing case to try this DIY out, right?

amazing !! nicely done!

Omg these are amazing!!!! They are a great DIY alternative to the Louboutin pair that I reckon will cost you an arm and a leg (versus a bloody finger or two). What kind of shoe did you use here? Was it relatively thin?

so stunning my love!

Those are amaaazing!!! Love them! Ooo and they double as a weapon - double sweet!

SO cool! :D
But how do you bend the ends of the studs / use the plier at the deepest point? Can you reach it?

ps. I think I'm becoming obsessed over how good your diy's are. Never seen them executed better and with more originality!

Amazing! These look like they were professionally-made. I'd love to try something like this, but I'd be terrified of ruining the shoes.

Sooo cool. Remind me of the loubs sooo much. Must try thiss!

Sexy. I like how it has studs on the side too. Very dangerous :p


so cool!

Amazing shoes, these are so cool! Well done :)

Simply amazing!

If that's their effect, then i need a pair just like them :)

haha, that's so funny.. people probably think you bought them as a weapon! come to think of it, they kind of are.. and i love them!

Duuude (dudess?) love that you put the studs in a glass cup. You know, here was me thinking studs and spikes are going out but i don't think that'll happen in a long time when you're coming out with diys like this. I love youu <3 (Oh btw, I'm wearing the craaaaaap out of your preety spikes+bedazzle necklace but never seem to get the opportunity to photograph it, its kinda sad. Well, just in case you're wondering :P)

sweet. after seeing studded louboutin flats i really wanted to stud some of my owns shoes.
now to find the right ones...

lol... I kind of missed out on the "bend the prongs fully inward" last time I studded one of my shoes.. not to be recommended!!

i love it, you do the best "lethal" diy's! =)

Love this! This is so cool, I want to do a DIY too, but never have done anything with studs before! Maybe I should start, love your DIYS!


im glad i stopped by tonight.. you've inspired me.. going out to jazz up some pieces right now!

Nice! Great DIY :)

those are awesome

Those, are way too freaking fantastic! Thanks for posting a DIY ;) Need to add some to my to-do list <3

i keep saying ever DIY you do is the best ever. This takes the cake. Holy shit. I prefer yours to the loubies.

These are so rad!

so freakin' amazing. you are the best at diy projects!

these are soo amazing, i love them! :)

I thought about diy-ing a pair of these awhile back! But then I forgot about it and moved on to a handful of other unfinished project. Sigh. Such is the way I suppose. I'm really liking how you did yours!

so badass!!!!
it would be so shocking for some people who dont care much about fashion to see you around wearing that!!! you have such an angelic face and yet your shoes are so ready for battle!! haha!!! i love it!!! :D you're cool!

I think you're a big inspiration to all of us. I want to see you wearing them ;)

So cool! Who needs mace..when you got these!

Killer shoes! Can't wait to see you rockin' them. xx

Ohhh so awesome! Really cool I wanna try this! xx

Your so creative! I really like reading stuff like this <3

i want! must figure out how to make these

awesome, will definately try on my old loafers! real creative stuff here thanks!

i wanna buy, so yes!

very louboutin! going to gather up some studs right now!

really,thanks for your comment and i love the shoes. you could sell your creations, i would buy them!!xoxox

so kewl! Love all your DIY posts :)

Wow! Gorgeous <3

i'll never be able to do something like that, and it is probably why I read your blog almost every day . You're so talented and inspiring.
C'est magnifique !

oh my, great job!! Love them :) I only discovered your blog recently, but boy do I love it, great DIY's!

Wow I love these shoes, such a great DIY! I recently discovered your blog and it is fantastic, all of your DIYs look so professional and the photography is great too.

I hope you don't mind but I loved your embellished tights so much that I used them in an inspiration post (of course I linked back to you) and am planning to make some before winter begins in Australia.


Absolutely love this DIY! The loafers are on a whole new level.

xo, Becs

nice shoe! your very creative. i like that.

I noticed your blog post, you really love punk rock styles and outfits. You are very innovative to have thought of putting spikes on these shoes.

Love this! You are so creative! The best tutorials!!


completely in love with these ! I may have to use that tutorial to make my own :) thank you.
xoxo - clm

Those are amazing. I must put it on my diy to do list.

i was wondering if....if it would be at all possible...for you to make another one of those lovely, absolutely stunning white sheer-feather shirts? i've adored it ever since laying eyes on it. i'd try to make my own, however i'm a single mom of a 5-year-old, which equals no time for DIY. i would be more than happy to buy it.
my birthday is friday! yay.
i'll be 26, ugh.

cool looks but doesn't it itches on the leg..??? I doubt it. certificate iv


January 2, 2010

New giveaway finally up! After an embarrassingly long time, I've mustered up the energy to complete this leather disc cardigan that I first started here. Many moons, wrinkles, red fingers and strained eye muscles later, it's done done done--please pardon me as I cackle out of delight, muahaha. Putting this together was as straightforward as it could get, but it was the grunt work that really did me in. I decided to pair it today with some silk trousers (which I altered in a rush), Jil Sanders, and a sheer tank.

Let's do a giveaway!

Leave a comment on this post and I'll select one on Tuesday, January 5th at 8pm. I'll announce the winner on my Twitter, so be sure to follow. Finally, stop by my Bloglovin' so not to miss any new posts!

Disco meets Hells Angels. Stunner!

crazy effort! a beautiful finish

WOW that cardigan is truly amazing!

soft x hard, lovely mix in a cardi!

Love this cardigan<3 I cant believe you giving it away after all that hard work! amazing give away:)

ooh pick me pick me! always love ur DIYs. happy new year!

the hard work paid off. it's lovely!

very cool jacket :)

This is amazing.

beneaththestarscape at gmail dot com

Awesome cardigan !
I send you my wishes for an
*Aceness Year 2010*

Kisses from Paris,
x x x

PS : Ack I forgot !
My email is mathyld {at} gmail {dot} com

this cardi is so much better than the topshop one! excellent work..

the result looks great!

holy moley that looks amazing.

I'd love to see that cardigan in motion. I too can't believe your giving it away... What pleasurable aesthetic.

this piece is amazing.
it must be hard to part with it.

it turned out wonderful!!

What a perfect Bday present to have (January Baby). such an amazing cardi to set off my new year. Here goes nothing. Love your DIY's. Seriously considering doing my own to save money on shopping and a good way to want to look different from the average fashion trend. Thanks!
Contact (if I win):

this is WAYYY too amazing.

Holy Crap, Thats amazing!

That is so amazing! You did an excellent job on that cardigan and I absolutely loooove it! That is something I could never do :(.


i can't believe you're giving this away after all that hard work! it's gorgeous...kinda like scales or paillettes, but not :)

that is beyond gorgeous!!!!

btw, hope you don't mind me adding you up in my blog links.. thanks!

This is beautiful. I recently discovered your blog and i love your style and all the diys. Keep up the awesome work!

That is gorgeous!

Wow! Now that's dedication.

Seriously awesome piece!

I'd be honored to wear it :}


holy crap. that's amazinggg! loveee it! please enter me. :) happy new year!


LOVELY cardigan, honestly, lovely!

Leather never looked so good! GREAT DIY! PS Pick me!

beautiful cardigan. I absolutely love your blog!! XO, Amber Danese


That is so gorgeous!

awesome job, my fingertips started aching when I saw the cardigan, then my hand cramped up when you said you had to cut all the circles out by hand!

how. fuckingmazingly. beautiful. and fresh!
this will definitely make those awful new england winters more stylish :)


just knowing that someone put so much effort and love into making this jacket makes me want it even more! pick me! :)

me me me me me!!! :-)

i think you need a trip to m&j trim on 6th ave. in manhattan. if i recall correctly, they have large leather circles. if i didn't recall correctly, they were probably large sequin circles... in any case, you'll find lots of great stuff for d.i.ys.

@koko i actually passed m&j today! i didn...

i actually passed m&j today! i didn't go in though. it'll definitely be on my agenda next time and save myself the blistered fingers in the future haa

Oh wowee, this is definitely a great DIY! :) So chic and ah, just love the texture!

U are crazy talented!! The cardi is amazing <3

Gorgeous, the texture and everything is just astonishing. I remember seeing this in the makings oh-so many moons ago and I was in awe. Excellent job, the result is fantastic :)

Wow! That jacket is just somethin' else!! It's fabulous!
laura gerencser at roadrunner dot com

holy crap this is beautiful! how could you spend so much time on something this fantastic and then give it away? I appreciate!

AMAZING CARDIGAN!!! I love the creativity :-) //

awesome possum

Must've been really tedious..I can only imagine. The result is awesome though! Great work!

P.S. You're beautiful :)

gorgeous! Count me in

liis177 at gmail dot com

Love all your DIY project!! Very inspiring!!! XxX

o wow, isnt that the most gorgeous and one-of-a-kind cardigan ever made?? YES IT IS! i would love to win this DIY for my birthday in 3 weeks :D:D:D:D:D:D

The jacket is amazing! You are so talented girl!

I'm really in love with it! (if you pick me... pls?)

Ooooo i love it!!!

That's beautiful! Lovely work, I always procrastinate with DIY projects. Love it!


Gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous! I still can't believe you cut out all the circles plus all the smaller circles. Well persistence paid off in this uniquely concentric leather dangle cardi!

Ah it's so generous of you to give away your "baby" like that. I wouldn't if I were you :/
I love the jacket and would pay good money for it. Hopefully I'm lucky this time round :)

hey dear. deathbyplatforms from Chictopia here. oh my goodness! you're a genius! this DIY is awesome...i love it! and i love the trousers and pumps! love the styling. i hope i get picked. but wait, will you be able to ship to the Philippines? :)

you can also reach me thru my blog:

EEEK! i love it, count me in! :)


Wow! I can't believe you put all that time and work into this stunning piece! (BTW...I know it's a little late by now...but you can always use a rotating leather punch tool for punching smaller holes in the leather discs-- like $15 at Jo-Ann fabrics or a leather shop. Next time!:-)

Heaven. Insanity. Drool. I would love to be lucky enough to win this, but alas, luck is not a lady for me - luck usually tends to treat me like Esteban Cortazar and his split from Ungaro. You make me want to believe in the fashion gods again!;-P

Thanks for this giveaway!
carlyjcais at hotmail dot com

Def. check out my DIY's on my blog if you get a chance!

i love that you created something I have never seen before, you did a great job in executing it and it is absolutely stunning. You really create amazing DIY.

so cute! the leather gives it edge :)

thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!

That looks like mad work!! Keep on the crack, it does wonders for you! ;)

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This giveaway is so cool ! You're so talented :) I've followed your twitter btw ! @beckyregina

that's amazing! you are so talented at DIY!

You continue to amaze me Sophia, with your hard-working ethic, creativity, and ability to create such wonderful pieces. Love the cardi so much!

What else can I say but...LOVE IT!
Would love to have it!

Fantastic! Looks like the cardigan from topshop.
But this one is much prettier!

Just so inspiring.

this is made of LOVE! it makes me dream.

omg your diys are always so amazing!!

wow at first when i looked at it, i was doubtful ...
at first when i looked at it, i was doubtful of how it would look on a person.
But the outcome is amazing, i love this creation.

iwantiwantiwantiwant! :DDD

wow it's awesome! I want it! :)

i sooo want it sophia :) and thinking that it took you ages and its a labor of love will be an honor for me to have a give away from you :)

puppy eyes :)

lots of love



this cardigan is so amazing! i'm totally in love with that.

Another of your DIY is featured on my blog.
Love this cardigan!!
If there was a DIY Award you definitely should win it!

I absolutely loooove this! You're amazing! I'm going to try to make the feathery white blouse tomorrow!

Aaaaw you are amazing, i love love this!!!

you are a DIY godess!

It's absolutely amazing! Man, what a great start on the new year if I won that!

I LOVE IT! It´s really awesome! You´re the official DIY-Queen!

omg i would never want to give this away!!

omg, it is amazing! Love it love it ya! :-)

If i will win this i will just have a heart attack!:)

And thanks for this great idea for DIY with leather circles!:)

That cardigan is beautiful! Even if I don't win, I'll have to tackle this myself!

It looks beautiful, you did a great job, and I'd love to win it! :)

wow...this cardi is amazing. it reminds me on a cute dress i saw at cos.

I'm speechless again Sophia.. From all your DIY's this one is definitely the most incredible! Congratilations girl.. I think i'm going to try it at home ahah!

Bug kiss and have a great 2010 ;D,

Thank you for always being so generous, and making someone feel special!

This really came out amazing! Thanks for alll the give aways!


wow.. perfect as always!!!

It looks great on you! So prettym it's almost sad to give it away! :P

i love your outfit, it's true understated chic. style icon!

pflater at g mail

Omg, I would love that cardigan! It would be perfect with my Alexander Wang bag.

That cardigan is incredible, you did a really fantastic job. Also, I love the combo of those pants and white shirt! : )

i'm so in, that's one of the most beautiful things i've seen in a long time

amazing!! i love it soooo much, it's such a great idea and you made it sooo beautiful! omg i would be so happy with this, you wouldn't believe! amazing that you have the patience to complete something like this! and you're rocking it in the picture btw! absolutly stunning!!!


It's amazing, I adore your creativity. I'm going trough your blog right now and I'm speachless. I'm here for the first time and I love it!

Gorgeous. I can't even imagine all the tedious labor involved in something like that!

jenn.werkhoven @

Aaah how amazing!! So gorgeous...

I'll hope 2010 starts good for me ;)

looks amazing on, why are you giving it away!! happy new year.

The cardigan turned out so well! I'm a fashion major and should really make more things for myself in my spare time ha, you're an inspiration!


That looks beautiful on you. You're an angel for giving it away. Are you sure you're Asian? I'm two pieces of bulgogi away from being Margaret Cho and I'd never take that cardigan off.

wow wow wow wowwww i love your diy!! you were amazing! i would never be able to do something similar...
hope to get it :))


Wauw your blog is so cool, i love the diy projects!

Wow this is amazing, you did one hell of a job :) I can't believe you're giving it away after all the work you put in it! Seriously cool, dear!
Happy New Year!

yespleasemademoiselle at hotmail dot com

love this!!

Thanks so much for the giveaway! Amazing.

me me me! :)

The cardi looks great! where do you usually buy your supplies for your projects?
Love the pants!

I saw some examples of creations with leather discs and thought it looked really cool, love how yours turned out...Can't believe you're giving this away after all that hard work, really sweet of you...

Stunning! xx

that is quite a beautiful cardigan. you put so much work into you're stunning DIYS! i love them all .. especially the jewelry.. you should have a shop! :D


I am so desperate to get any of your great-wonderfull-marvellous-unique DIY that I really don't know what to do what to say...I promise you I have been a very good girl last year and I am still waiting for my Xmas gifts.

You know I love you and love your blog!

You can contact me in my blog.


Oh it's beautiful, all the hard work has definitely paid off! :) x
- -

Your original post inspired me to try this myself, but with a deep forest green leather i found. And you're right- SO MUCH WORK INVOLVED. I also tried to hole punch the leather, haha!

Please pick me :) x

Crazy awesome. Long term lurker popping up to say how much I appreciate your blog and how inspiring it is! :)

Wow that's amaazing.. It turned out great!
My new year's resolution is to get handy on the sewing machine!!.. wish me luck and have an awesome year!

you can contact me on my twitter
or on my personal blog


i looove this cardigan! i can't believe you're giving it away after you put so much work into it.
please contact me via the comment box on the right side of the blog. thanks. (:

Kudos for getting around to finishing a half baked project - I've yet to achieve such a feat.

Extraordinary finished product, most definitely worth all the digit destroying hours you put into it. I wouldn't want to part with it!

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Ohhh I'd SO love to have this, it looks incredibly beautiful!

omg so sweet that you give it away!!!!
love your look and style i´ll totally be so happy i win this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xoxo amber

I love this beautiful top. It is so different and I cannot believe after all the work you put into it you are giving it away. Thank you so much.

this is gorgeous. like many of the other readers, i cannot believe you would give away such a beautiful piece after so much effort on your part. amazing.

Ab.So.Lute.Ly Stunning! Thanks so much for the chance to win it! asthenight at gmail dot com

Can't believe its finished now. Thought you'd given up on it lol. Looks amazing. Would love to own it!! :)

i absolutely love it! i can't believe your giving it away, but i'll gladly take it!!

It's gorgeous, love! your DIY work is always stunning.

wow! such a beautiful cardigan and a fantastically creative DIY!

ashleydfisher at

incredible diy. it looks so great on you, too!

So in love with your cardigan! The texture makes it such a special piece! Happy New Year to you! xo, Mel

All those tiny circles...I can't even imagine. It's stunning!

Ooh, yes please!

oh lovely.good to see people of real style in boston. love it (:

How completely gorgeous! I love, love it!

iamemmamusic -at-

Wow! You've done it AGAIN! Hope I win this one, because I looove it! Great job!

Wow, I love sequins, and have always wanted the perfect sequin miniskirt, but this is better!
Sequins would get folded and creased way too easily when I'm dancing ;)

love this !

You're pretty much a DIY genius. I will grovel at your feet!

dropkickintheface.xd at gmail dot com

wow! I amazed with what u've done!
it's really amazing..
Amaze with ur creativity on doing DIY.. super cool!
LOVE this!

That's amazing! I can't imagine how long that took to finish.

sundaygirl at gmail dot com

tough leather meets soft circle meets flowy cardi meets tough leather meets soft circle meets flowy cardi meets tough leather meets soft circle meets flowy cardi meets...

...perfect harmony.

another beautiful (albeit time-consuming) diy.

xx hapoom.zzz[at[]

Never seen such a unique twist on a "leather jacket" before; I love it.

you are such an inspiration!

oooooooh <3

amazing. the sophisticated nature of it, as well a...
the sophisticated nature of it, as well as the detailed form make an amazing combination. XD

Oh, oh, oh, pick me, pick me! I love that! I would wear it always! Like seriously all the time! Good work, girl!

Oh it's lovely!

it's sooo goooood!
i guess i would keep all diys by's amazing how you can give them away..but..good for us:)
it really love your style, it's so simple and colourless but still every outfit has got something special. yeah:)

love your jacket, well done, it must have been hard work!!

this would be an incredible piece to work with!!

Your cardigan is such an amazing use of leather, especially for places like the Philippines where it can get quite humid. Amazing!

<3 from Manila|

Wow! you are so talented! this is truly a piece of art!

Love it.amazing job !

I'm in !

so inventive. I like it ;)

hey thanks for your comment on my blog!
this giveaway is awesome!!!


Love it! love itttt!

chic. i want it.

i love your masterpiece, it's simply brilliant.
please please choose me!

oh my goodnesssss!!

katylou [at]

I do hope I'm not too late on this giveaway!

It looks like all your hard work paid off with this leather disc jacket because its simply stunning and surely screams attention.

Ohhhhh,it would be so lovely to have this. Psssst,and maybe you could do your own label with your upcoming DIYs. Adds that personal touch.

this cardigan is soo awesome! i'm impressed!

missmae187 at

wowowow, i'm entering this giveaway for sure!!!
i missed out on the "Romanticism" one!!!

i can't believe i only came across your blog today... man! i missed out!

with all of the hard work you put into it, you could sell it for a lot of ca$h! but you are amazing enough to give it away.

and i'm entering =)


Wonderful piece of work, thanks for having this as a giveaway so that one of us can enjoy wearing it! :)

Happy New Year!!


Hard work clearly pays off! This is gorgeous!

I want that awesome cardi...Hope you'll pick me! :)

After all the hard work, you are giving it away? You deserve it!


this is gorgeous!

Beautiful cardigan...and I appreciate the hard work you put into this!

I love the texture and easy lux look of this outfit, this has definitely encouraged me to do more DIY projects!

I'm so happy to find your blog esp one day before the deadline for this giveaway. The piece is so beautiful!

This is gorgeous! I have a bunch of leather at home, but I don't think I have the patience or the skill to pull it off. :)

The cardigan turned out amazing!!! Great work.

x Antonia

Awesome: ) I love it so much!!! Please make me win :)

this would match my specs perfectly..ok so they are aqua and black fits to anything but they so would match :* and I want to enter as well

Love your DIY's they are amazing! You are so talented. Enter me please.

a genius idea! love it

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That is dedication! Please do leave your signature/mark on this piece!


oh my goodness... well done! It turned out wonderfully, really, give yourself a pat on the back.

I sure hope I win your giveaway :)

wow.. i can't believe you're parting with this beautiful cardigan! It turned out so amazing!!

i would love to win it!
you can contact me at:


It's just stunning.

you are so wonderfully creative!
so impressed - i love it !


This is such a cool cardigan! I can't believe you made it. So makes me want to get back in sewing again. You are such a great artist!

lovely diy cardigan! :)


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So unique and inventive!
You should be proud of yourself for the hard work and philanthropy.
Happy New Year! Keep up the great work.

omg am I too late now????? that'd be suuuuch a shame! I love it so much!!!! you did a great job girl. well I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you handle a different time zone heeee I want to join!!

my god! thi DIY is simply stunning! I truly hope to win :P


I love that you used leather and I loooooooooveee the texture. Looks like you spent ages on that piece, no joke! props to doing an awesome job! If I spent hours and hours on something so beautiful I think I would find it really hard to give away.

Stephanie, steph at

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I love your DIY's they are so inspirational! I was about to donate a bag of clothes that dont fit dont like etc...but after 30 min here I realize I have a goldmine just waiting for some hard work! Thank You!

Hey there sophia,

All the hard work.....
I will give it a good home and show it off with great pride.

So here's my entry.
By the way even at new years I was flicking though the archives of you blog. Amazing stuff.

Much love and happy new year

Love it! I already commented earlier but realized I forgot to leave contact information! Sorry!

aw i want it! it's so beautiful!


great jacket, but more important you look great in those heels ... love your style

Link Exchange?

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

wow. you are one talented young thing!

I love that cardigan! Even more because you worked so hard!

im probably to late no? i want this so so bad! xxxxx

oh my. WOW!!!!!!!
oh my.

I can hardly believe you're giving it away after all the hard work you put in it! I don't think I would be able to be that unselfish ;)

oh! pick me, pick me!
absolutely gorgeous, once again.

that cardigan is truly magnifique. your hard work's been paid off with over 250 people telling you thats its amazing! you have now inspired me to create one too.

how do you do it?? rockin the DIYs as always :D

wow!! The cardigan with the leather disks is really amazing like you're really talented!! and the idea is unique! i mean, i would have never thought about it ^^ you're really great hehe!

You are insanely talented! Amazing.

I'm sad that I missed it.:(
I follow.

xo :)

beautiful and so creative!

Love the cardigan! So very chic and unique! count me in!


j'adore ce cardigan.;originale et très classe
magnifique travail

that's soooooo cute:D:D:D:D:D i would love to enter if its possible

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good idea! You're so pretty! :)

oh it s adorable! love that chunky piece!


That is SO CUTE! Why didn't you just buy a leather punch? It's like a hole punch made for leather. My dad fixed my belt for me with one!


(for contact ^)

This is so stunning - can't believe you are giving it away with all the hard, tedious work it took!

You can contact me on Twitter: @MakeupandManies


December 10, 2009

What you'll need:

- various feather trim (1-2 yards should be sufficient) --> I used white Ostrich feather and Chinchilla feather trim. I especially like this store for their fumigated washed and impeccably packaged feather trims. I've experimented with cheaper feather trim with less than pretty results. The feathers tend to be held together with sticky adhesives and it rubs off when you're sewing the trim onto fabric. It gets really messy. Consequently, I recommend feathers that are attached to thin cording.

- long sleeve shirt

- sheer white fabric

- scissors

- needle and matching thread


1. There are countless ways to make a shirt like this, but here are some tips on how I went about this DIY so you can get the gist of it. I decided that I wanted several layers of feather trim on the right shoulder for volume and some asymmetry. Sew the chinchilla trim along the right shoulder seam of the shirt and bring it down diagonally across the left chest. Sewing along the seam is a good idea because it serves as an easy guideline and the fabric is stronger here, reducing the risk of ripping and tearing of your shirt.

2. Take your sheer white fabric and start draping. Drape it over the right shoulder so that one half of it drapes around to the back and the other to the front. Trace the edge of the feather trim with the scarf covering where you had sewn. You can get creative here and drape the fabric any way you wish. I draped it so it was covering the left chest.

3. You can add some gathers here and there by pinching off some fabric with your fingers and sewing a knot around it (this is what I did on the upper left of the shirt). Add a few stitches in regions where the fabric feels loose to keep it affixed to the shirt.

4. You'll now have some sheer fabric left hanging in the front. Take this excess material and drape it back to the right side and stitch into place at the right waist.

Now you can add some volume to your shoulder plumage. Take your ostrich trim and cut a few pieces of approximately 1 foot each. Pile the trim on top of the chinchilla trim and sew it down. Add as many layers of trim as you desire.

I hope these photos were helpful in visualizing and thinking out the steps. Perhaps video posts may be a possible option in the future, too. Anyway, for anyone who's considered DIYs in the past and haven't gone for it yet, I really encourage it. If there's anything I've learned from my silly projects it's that don't let lack of experience, confidence and knowledge get you down. You can always learn. Mistakes are your best friends.

Giveaway for this shirt in the entry above!

BOooooooooooooooootiful. Although I don't think I'd buy an AA scarf to cut it, just fabric, but I get the idea, it's amazing.

@Shini totally agree. i used the AA scarf in my c...

totally agree. i used the AA scarf in my case because i had it sitting around and it wasn't being used anyway. so i sliced and diced it. muahaha!

absolutely gorgeous shirt! i'm considering making it...without the feather trim, most likely. i don't think i have enough courage to wear it :p

thanks for the detail shots!! i keep wanting to experiment with draping and sheer fabrics but it's so hard w/o a dressform --- hm, maybe i'll utilize my little sister

This is so beautiful!

thank you so much. you are brilliant.

lovely !! I'd definitely want to experiment with this. (:

i'm totally in love with this! entering your giveaway with my fingers crossed :)

Brilliant! Really :D

so beautiful.

OMG this is absolutely amazing! Thanks for the tut!

I absolutely love this, it's so ethereal. Positively angelic! X Lauren


girl !! You are just really so so creative all the time. And now,this is yet another awesome DIY you did. I agree,I really have to start DIYing. It sure must be lots of fun.

Love how the sheer scarf drapes on the top with the feathers too<3

how I would have liked to have this idea! brilliant!

That's so romantic, it looks like it could be from Anthropologie :]

Love that shirt and outfit above....

I love this. You are so talented!

very good blog.

Wonderful and thx for these instructions!

Love your precision and dedication to your DIY's! Nothing better than follow-through [:

great tutorial!

youre so talented. smashingly well made diy. sad i just discovered your blog now... too late for the competition. have a great weekend. take care xxx

Gorgeous creation. I wish I had known about your blog before-hand so I could have entered the contest!

I love this top! Cant wait to try it, I think I will try a printed long sleeve.

So gorgeous!
xoxo from Brazil,
Shirley Stamou

OH MY WORD. That is absolutely beautiful...too bad I missed the giveaway :[

Your blog is very good, also your post is very interesting, go on to write, congratulations to you, do not forget to visit my blog, thank you.

That is unbelievably gorgeous!


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December 10, 2009

There is one designer's collection that I find myself watching season after season--that is Riccardo Tisci's collections for Givenchy. It's not only the clothes that are breathtaking, but the presentations are equally so. Take for instance, when Sasha P marched down the runway in a rhinestone-encrusted dress to Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights," I was swept away. Or the petal-flooded runway from Couture Spring 2009 serving as the perfect backdrop to all the pieces, each one possessing a sort of untouchable sacredness.

I've wanted to re-create something Givenchy-inspired for a long time. In a sloppy blogger DIY kind of way. Crimes, I know. I bought a white shirt from H&M, a sheer white AA circle scarf, tons of feather trim to play around with, and went to work. The complete tutorial is in the entry below this one if you'd like to follow along and give it a try yourself. There are a few DIY pointers and detail shots as well. There's just way too much for me to learn still, but I gave it a go and am pretty pleased with the result. I'm still experimenting and have set my mind on a few more related DIYs, but in the meantime, I've giving this one away!

Giveaway Rules

To enter, leave a comment in this entry. The giveaway ends December 17 (Thursday) at 8pm. One comment will be picked at random. If you're commenting anonymously or don't have a blog, please leave some sort of contact info so I can find you if you're selected. Good luck!

PS. Please come and say hi on my Twitter.

its an amazing piece of art and i would love to have it. and you look amazing in it

I wish I could DIY things! :) It's very pretty!


oh gosh sophia why are you so amazing!! seriously you have some sort of creative DIY gift <3

cool! i love diy's, & yours came out well! :)

this is an amazing giveaway and such a stunning and beautiful diy. such inspiration! fingers crossed!

calivintage (at) gmail (dot) com

Beautiful shirt! And I'm following you on Twitter!

oh my you angellic looking person, that's a fantastic outcome, I'm still quite scared of trying to MAKE tops or dresses, I feel like I'd need ubercool sewing skills to launch on a mission like that. Well seeing this, I think I might as well try, it looks so good.

you're one of the best DIY bloggers out there! this one is a true masterpiece :D I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for this one :D

Great job and good luck with the next couple!!

so gorgeous! i love this top


omg, this DIY is so beautiful!!!

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This is so lovely...Love all your DIY!!!

Love it.

this is beautiful!! great work hun

You made this?! its gorgeous <3 <3 well done.

Edgy and put together, good work. pretty! i have a black coat with feathers that i adore. i would LOVE to have white feathers as well :)

So normally I'd be scared of so many feathers, but I think the fact that it's white makes it less in your face. What gorgeous work!!

You are so incredibly talented! And Riccardo Tisci is my hands-down, always and forever FAVORITE. Not exaggerating or just saying, I am constantly blown away by everything that he sends down the runway. Making it my life mission to get rich and own...

oh wow...that is extremely generous!!! yes i hope i win!!!

oh wow that's amazing!! i wish i could do DIYs like that. they all kinda end up looking weird...haha! xx

You look like an urban angel from a Wim Wenders flick. Urban Ethereal. Great gesture for your readers!

Crossing my fingers for this one...

You've done it again! Love the shirt, love the photos, love your posing :) You look great! So creative!

Oh wow! This is gorgeous!! Great photos too!:)
laura gerencser at roadrunner dot com

It's so pretty!! I love it in white but I can also see it in so many different colors... thanks for the tutorial below, too!


absolutely gorgeous! have to try this tutorial now...

Sorry... I was the commenter above anonymous :)

I want! I want! I want!

holy shit this is amazing.
you rock sophia.
i'd kill to win this!


new follower here, from chictopia
LOVE the shirt and tutorial! awesomeness!!

That looks so good on you! You have talent. Are you sure you want to part with such loveliness?

You look so ethereal in these pics. Great design and tutorial to boot!

it looks so amazing on you! I'm surprised you're giving it away, but it's so beautiful and I'd love to wear it as well ;)

I love this outfit!
the white of the shirt really contrasts against your hair and your jeans and it stands out.
and wow, i cant believe you made this.

Oh my goosh, that top is gorgeous! I doubt I'll have the time to pull off the tutorial, so let me have a hand at this giveaway!

wow that is beautiful, i would love it!

This is absolutely beautiful! It is like out of a dream! You are so talented!

wow, that is gorgeous ! beautiful DIY. fingers cr...
that is gorgeous ! beautiful DIY.
fingers crossed. (:

this is sooooo beautiful!! count me in please!

Thsi is SOOOOO Beautifull!!!!!
I'm in!

wow! this DIY is truly amazing. i'd be glad to win. greets from italy

ups, i forgot to leave a contact. you can send me a private message at my chictopia blog hugs

wow this is amazing, don't have anything like that in my closet but I would LOVE to :)

Beaautiful outfit! That top looks heavenly.

Also I'd looove that giveaway <3 ->

Your DIY are the BEST!!

I've only recently followed your blog and I really love it!! This is such an awesome DIY giveaway, you wore the blouse so beautifully:)

it's for my little sister that is so sick...poor thing... and she really needs that! Don't you wanna help her :)...

No, seriously it's really for her! I want to gift her with your silks!!

please? Portugal? Yeah? Thanks!

Big kiss,
Gon from

That shirt is AMAZINg!! Wish I had your talent :3

these pictures are absolutely breathtaking. and that shirt is amazing; you always have the best DIYs!

This DIY is really nice!

I would love to have it! :D

seriously stunning! love it...hope i'm the lucky winner!!
i love the draping you obtained with the scarf...that is such a brilliant idea!

good luck to everyone (although I like to delude myself I'll be the lucky winner of this gorgeousness)!

This reminds me of something from Swan Lake. I love it so much.

wow, want to win this. If I don't do, I'll try it on my own...

before i even read the text, i thought givenchy. so beautiful.

sign me up!!

So this is why the sentence "fashion is art" exists. I love it!

Love the top!


oh god.. ull be bIG.. U ARE!

completely amazing. please let me win this!


This is awesome DIY! It kind of reminds me of Bjork's Swan Dress, but in a wearable version. I would love to own this!

That top is amazing, darling!


This is the most beautiful giveaway!!

your DIYs are SO inspiring!!

Fantastic, you look like an angel, very beautiful. Very very very very amazing.

Wow this is gorgeous! thanks for sharing all of your DIY ideas, your blog is my all time favourite :)

Omg, that top is stunning! Amazing DIY!

That is one amazing diy. I love it. And i love what Riccardo Tisci does for givenchy. You said it well in that first paragraph.

it is incredible! id love it!

The outfit looke awesome one you!

I don't know how you do it! its amazing!

it'd be a crime not to enter this contest...the shirt looks heavenly.

Oh my! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

damn, girl.

this is unbelievable! so unique and beautiful!

this is amazing! love the DIY <33

This is amazing. I would love to win this! It would instantly spice up my closet!

This is sooooo beautiful with it flowing in the wind !

And I loved you wore it with those pants and booties. Ohhhhh,I would love to have this in my closet,its would be so lovely:)

this doesn't even look like a DIY job!
So professional- especially when you compare it to my 10min DIYs...

It looks fabulous!

That shirt is outstanding - simply brilliant. You are very talented.

Count me in!

I love the combination of black and white. The shirt is amazingly feminine.

your so inspirational and so is Givenchy!:D I hope i winn!

sooo beautiful and very nice angelic photos, love this so much! :)


Amazing! so dreamy and angelic ;)

Love this. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

I actually cannot believe that you made the shirt, it's crafted to absolute perfection! Thank you for the wonderful idea <3 :)


Beautiful. Once again Sophia, you are amazing.

that is, to say the least, the most beautiful shirt i've ever seen, seriously i'm such a fan of white fluffly stuff,
dear random selecter, choose me!!!

first of all, honestly I couldn't believe that you're giving such an amazing DIY shirt away! I re-read this post for like 3times to make sure that you seriously would like to giving it away. LOL.
in short, I really want to be the lucky one!!! *crossing fingers*

New follower:)
I love your diys!
Especially the fringe tights! It has inspired me to try that only on a pair of pants:) Thank you so much!
It would be great if you chose me, but if not I will try your diy!:D Amazing shirt:)


Wow. So many comments already, seemed pretty tough! But I'm just gonna say this is really a cool outfit, wish I can be half as creative as you!

oh! remindes me of this:

girl, it´s amazing!

oh oh oh my gosh... this is umbelivable beautiful! i have no words!! i want it sooo much!!

so pretty!

This is gorgeous! inspired me to do something myself too.
And count me in!!

this is so beautiful! i would love to own a handmade piece of yours!

The shirt makes me think of something Matthew Barney would make out of vaseline. :) ala


@ Erin your mind works in wondrous ways.
@ Erin

your mind works in wondrous ways.

the white fairly tale like shirt made you look like an ANGEL falling from the sky. I would love to win this..

I just discovered your blog a short while ago and love your sense of style! Would be awesome to win this, I'm sure it would be one of the most unique tops I own... :)


It's amazing, I'd love to have it

You always make such a cool DIY stuff :)
Love it!!!

Wow, it is stunning! You have such a beautiful silhouette as well

Impressive DIY ! Really awesome work ;)
Would love to have it !

oh that would be great, to have this beautiful tee in my hands!

So beautiful! Even if I don't win, I have to try to make this myself!

It's such a beautiful top!
Anything with feathers is fine by me :) x

what a gorgeous top, please enter me in your contest ;)

That shirt came out so well, you're so talented! I'm always amazed at the beautiful DIYs I find on blogs like yours! Anyways, of course I'd love to win this beautiful shirt!


oh my, stunning!
i would kill for this beauty.

so gorgeous! you're incredibly talented =)

oh my god!!!
will you make more i already won your other giveaway but I WANT THIS SOOOOOOOOOO BAD TOO!!!!!
OMG OMG OMG OMG i'm emailing u dmanit!

beautiful diy! your inspo is actually taped on my board as well. would love to have this for the new year.

beautiful. major want (need!)

like this shit and the concept of it!

@Jillian you're too presh. you've officia...

you're too presh. you've officially pushed me to make more, black and white, shirts and dresses. it's going to get crazy :)

this is such an amazing diy! i would've never thought of it :)

It's stolen my heart. Beautiful!

I love this shirt, is very romantic :-)

DIY are great!

I love the statement that piece makes. The shirt is sincerely beautiful! I would love to sport it during the holiday.

Amazing!!! The feathers are the perfect touch

this is amazing. bless you & your DIY's =]

I WONN.. I CANT BELIEVE IT!! i'm so so so so so happy!!!! first it start snowing in brussels, then i WON THIS AMAZING piece of art!! i dont know what to say...


Miss Z


November 14, 2009

I was browsing the interwebz this morning, sipping my coffee and twiddling my thumbs. It was a productive morning, because I found my blog featured on Refinery 29. Sure, it's from November 2nd (12 days late noticing this!). It's seriously too neat to find myself in this feature, alongside Kingdom of Style, Park & Cube and Fashion Hurricane.

Check the Refinery 29 DIY piece out!

I'm also using my Twitter account more heavily now. Follow me on Twitter because I want to talk to you!

i also made my own studded bag..btw my sister made it! but it was my idea!! you can see it in my blog!

i dont have to say that i love yours!

I love all these images! PRETTY!

wunderbar set of photos

The Guilty Hyena †

Oh yea I saw that feature. Congrats Sophia!! Always love your DIYs

I've nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award"! If you have the time, go check it out on my blog!

Awesome! I wanna make one.

ahhhhh congrats and I'm not surprised at all because your diy's and outfits are amazing!!!! <3 <3

awesome! congrats girl! and i love ur blog so much as well :)

ooo that's great !

Great selection. Really want that bracelet!!

Awesome collage. <3

Gorgeous pictures, love every single on of them!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Hey! Congratulations on your feature! Love all the bloggers! xoxoxoxo

i read that, and it's what led me to your blog! but it was a great post and i adore all of your DIY's=]

hahaha interwebz!
crazy lady! how have you been? hope you had an amazing weekend, you all set for thanksgiving? i'm not ready for the holidays at all! ugh!

I was just going to email you about the refinery29 thing haha so glad you found it I got all excited HOLY CRAP I KNOW HER! haha

LUFF U!!! <3 stay warm!

gorgeous photos!!!!

great photos : ) <3 your blog

I just die !!! those pieces of jewelry are just awesome.. great blog



I love liquid legging,stud,black,lace... and I love this bag.


ohhh amazing inspirational pics ! love love them . the liquid leggings are so cool . love the 4th pic you look gorgeous ! have a nice day dear ! :)

your blog is always overloaded with yummy pictures.

it makes my morning/day/night.

you being on refinery29 is well well well deserved <3

Beautiful beautiful photos here and all its wonder bloggers doing their DIY which is you too! Congrats on your feature too gorgeous :)

i love cocorosa and queen michelle for their DIYS! including you!!
i was inspired myself!


September 19, 2009

I'm giving away this dress exclusively on Chictopia. I feel as if I've been neglecting the account and have only given my blog readers the giveaways. However, if you want to enter too, all you have to do is hop on over to Chictopia and stop by my profile here. Say hi, add me as a favorite, a friend (...or throw tomatoes at me). The giveaway ends Monday at midnight, good luck!

that outfit is frigging amazing.
just discovered your blog; your style is off the charts
can't wait for your next outfit post!

I'm loving your blog. Your diy's are incredible and your debate over sans vs serif was hilarious (only because I can completely relate!)

Hi! I really love this dress you made and all other DIYs. I hope you had a tutorial or something like that. Anyway, added you as my favorite on chictopia. :)

hey, i stumbled across this outfit you posted on chictopia and found your blog. love loveee your style and all your amazing DIYs! thank you for all the inspiration!

heheheh the first photo "all black everything". LOVEEEEE. if i could get my tiny midget hands on one of your awesome DIYs, life would be GOOOOOD.

goodluck with your exams! <3

Sooo gorgeosu!

Stumbled upon your blog. still browsing through. I'm loving this! I love all your DIYs! You're inspiring. Great job! Amazing dress! and you are just stunning. Love this!

so freaking gorgeous seriously!

your amazing !

everybody check out my new blog

Wow, it's very pretty, love the feathers. But most of all I really like how you styled it, beautiful!

the dress is incredible! wow, winner is certainly very lucky:)

btw, i'd love to invite you to take part in my giveaway going on at my blog, if in case you do want.:)


gorgeous! can't believe you're giving it away!

yesssss. i love it when people line their shoes up like that. i would do it too but there is seriously NO WHERE in my house to do it -.- i dont even have a desk.


hello! i'm kryseealn from chictopia and i'm being sneaky and leaving a comment on your blog as well, because i adore this so much its ridiculous....but even if i don't get picked i'll be looking forward to a tutorial! i'm not too handy with the needle and thread, but i'm willing to learn in this case :)

i've said it before, but you are really becoming my queen of diy.

@ anonymous

oh thank you thank you. too many nice words, do i even warrant them? hope to see you around on the blog :o)

this dress is just perfect,
i'll try to do one too, you inspired me so much!
you are very talented, may i ask you, what school are you studying at? ,)

(btw, i'm tom star from chictopia)

gosh those boots are so perfectly good.


September 19, 2009

I hate it when the weather is gorgeous on a weekend, but I have to spend it nearly entirely indoors studying for exams. For lack of better words, POOP. Which is why before I locked myself up in my room, I just had to run some errands in a pretty dress, a DIY ostrich feather fringe dress I recently finished. I threw on a vintage vest, some black tights, and leather boots. The wind swept through the feathers as I walked . . . it was fantastic.

I'm also giving the one I'm wearing here away. Probably a white one and black one will be next and I'm thinking more plumage.

I love love your vest ! and its a awesome vintage find :)

Together with the dress,its really beautiful ! Bet people are staring in envy when you walk pass and yay for the giveaway :))

Fabulous dress! WOW! You are so talented!

Where did you get the vest? Could we get a close-up of it? You should wear it more often! I'd like to see what else you wear it with (I would wear it with the white shirt in the previous post, but I'm sure you can be a lot more creative than that).

Amazing, amazing, amazing!! I'm in awe of your DIY skills. And I'm absolutely in LOVE with your boots. P.S. love the last picture <3

@ valencia, dylana, kurarin, cc
thanks! you are all too sweet. cc, the boots are zara trf limited edition line.

the vest was my mum's, a vintage find. i'll definitely be wearing it again!

your boots are awesome ! love the vest too .hope that studying pays off

these photos are gorgeous!! :DD it's so nice when the wind adds the windswept effect to your hair at just the right moment...

that vest is totally awesome too. haha i should put in more effort into dressing better when I make small trips out during study breaks.


September 9, 2009

I wasn't able to fall asleep last night so I finally got around to a mini-project I had in mind, a strong-shouldered fringe dress. Of course, my boyfriend just had to wake up before sunrise, perfect timing to see me sitting in the dark feverishly sewing shoulder pads and fringe onto a dress. Love is about accepting minor episodes of insanity.

Some readers have already asked me how I got the shoulder pads and fringe on. First, I placed the shoulder pads where I wanted them on the dress. After pinning them in place, I sewed them down. I then placed fringe around the seam between the shoulder and sleeve, pinned it down and sewed. Add more fringe further down the sleeve for more volume.

Hopefully that all made sense. This brings to mind a silly picture I saw online titled "How to draw a chicken". Step 1 was to draw a circle for the head and another for the body. Step 2 was an exquisite, spot-on, anatomically-correct, pencil sketch study of a chicken. Haha. Hopefully this is making sense!

SO GORGEOUS! what a beautiful silhouette you've created! I really really want one of these *dies*

Too bad i'm terrible with DIY *ug*

<3 love it!

This is one DIY I would love love to try !! Thanks for all the tips and instructions! heeee Any questions,I'll ask you :)

And the final result with the dress on you is beautiful .

Awwwww man,it's okay more giveaways to come ! I'm excited <3

Re:Thanks girl ! You're really so sweet,glad you liked the video. Agreed that it makes a blogger and their readers feel more personal. That's true. And a slight british accent ?? Nahhhh. hahaha

The dress looks amazing with the modified shoulders! Great job :)

the dress fits you so well!
so envious of your diy skills..i don't have the patience to do that, though it's an effect i very much enjoy.

You are so freakin' beautiful, and I love this DIY, too :)

I'm going to have to try this!
Looks great!

Are you ever gonna do a feature on the talented person who photographs you? (or the talented tripod, maybe?) -- your backdrops and context, and the angles they create in the composition, are awesome.

sooooooooooooooooooo good

You're amazing, very talented! Loving the blog and the DIY tips x

Always love your DIY project !!

can't believe you did this too! this was suppose to be my next post! love it on you xoxox


September 7, 2009

Remember that I made this bracelet a few months ago? I actually had leftover materials from that project and made a second one (shown above) that's just been sitting around on a table in the closet. I'm giving this one away, so don't be shy, say hi and I'll select a recipient.

Since people have asked me how I make some of my pieces, I'll also throw in a tip. It's not hard and you don't need much equipment either. Originally I thought I had to solder everything together, but a quick alternative is cold welding. I hopped over to the hardware store, had a conversation/debate on cold welding materials and epoxies with the salesperson and walked out with JB Weld. Sure, it's not as strong and durable as the almighty solder, but given its ease of use and economy, it's a pretty darn good option.

Also, according to the packaging it's good for "mechanics, farmers, and homeowners". You know, make some bracelets, fix a tractor axle.

Ahhhhhhh,I want this so badly !! Ohhhh man,it's so beautiful :)) I missed the 1st one, but do hope I could have that !

And cold welding is a cool tip girl ! Thanks alot for sharing ~


Ooohhh... Thanks for the tip! Do you think this would work if I bought some leather loafers and attempted to make a poor man's version of the Louboutin "rollerball" studded loafers?! That would be hot.

(I came across your blog while browsing chictopia and I'm so glad I did! Definitely a daily read for me :-)

Sophia, I love your DIYs! The "Givenchy" project was great! So simple, but worked amazingly! Love the bracelet too! Tough love is my fave look for fall :) Great blog!

i love your bracelets! such great DIYS :]
i saw your blog through chictopia too, you have such a sweet, fresh face, your style is amazing !! ^___^

Wow now that's a DIY! The bracelet looks great! I found your blog through chictopia too, and I'm so glad I did! You're fabulous :)


those bracelets together look soooooooooooo badass. i always secretly wish that i'd get one of your crazy amazing DIYs :/

Love the bracelets! Going to have to make one for myself....wonder if my bf would let me use his welding equipment??? haha. probably not!

Oh man, both bracelets are killer.

Yes, I love red bean in sticky rice! Do you like the one with red bean inside rice cake as well?

oooooooo such cool bracelets!! love your DIYs. you always make the nicest stuff in ways that i NEVER thought anyone could make stuff!! So smart sophia so smarttttt. ahh i also wish i could win one of your DIY items but you'll probably wont even wanna send to hk ): sooo far ):

Really like this bracelet. The porcupine spikes, the proportion of them, so that they almost interfere with the movement of your fingers but don't by just a wee bit, is so cool. I've done some DIY but it's a bit more conceptual and not really wearable (like a shoe out of cigarettes, which is over on Anyway, nice to find you, really lovely composition on the photos too.

Thanks for the tip, ur DIY are always so inspiring!! Jasna xxx

Did u get me email btw, about my blog?

ahmazing, so pretty. love them both & thanks for the lovely tip :)
enjoy your day lady.

wow. I also went here from Chictopia and your si...

I also went here from Chictopia and your site is totally going to be one of my daily reads.

I am always so amazed at your creativity! Your DIYs are so amazing but sadly i am located in Australia.

I want to try some of your DIY projects so much but alas Austalia has no good craft shops. I went looking for some studs once to no avail!!

In the meantime i'll just admire your beautiful art =)

OHH ! That bracelet is just amazing ! I reaaaaaaaaaally love ! please send it to me!! If Australia doesn't have any good craft shops image Portugal... here it's almost jungle.. we don't have anything :'(... you could you send it to me that i will certanly take good care of it and e-mail yoou photos of it everyday :) and since i also have a blog it would appear there as marketing to your amazing and lovely DIY's! Oh i wish i had it, and imagine how good it would fit in my wrist in the jungle :) !!

Lot's of love

P.S- Please make more DIY's! you're such a good crafter

(not wanting to be a pain in the hole)i just have to say it one more time, I LOVE IT !!

will you marry me, cute little bracelet...?
anyway, Sophia, I sent you an email to propose your baby.. :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I looooove those bracelets!! That's so awesome that you made them! Yesterday, I spent a long time going through your entire blog, and I must say that you are such an inspiration! I love when people do different things with their clothes and you are so very creative!

I am really loving this look, and the bracelet is no exception! I also really dig the packaging on the welding materials.

I would first like to say how creative you are in terms of fashion and your diy skills. =)If only I could make something as beautiful with my own two hands lol. Keep up the good work and keep posting!

LOVE the bracelet- and outfit ^^'

Quite love this ! I'd love to win ! Please please me !
Kisses from Paris,
x x x

wow! its gorgeous:) you wear it well, whoever is receiving is going to be very happy!

xx raez

Hi. Your bracelet is drop dead gorgeous.

I would die if I got it. I might never need another piece of arm candy again. Give it to a loving home (mine).

I absolutely adore this bracelet!
Its, rock&roll, elegant and chic.
Thank you for your talent and the inspiring mini-project of your.

so in love with your blog! Pictures are adorable, and you're very crafty!


September 6, 2009

I fell in love with the Givenchy FW 2009 collection. It was animalistic, dramatic, emotional, and what I thought to be one of the most inspiring collections that season. I especially loved the lace dresses with the burgundy and blue shoulder pads peeking through the delicate lace. They were magical. So, what’s a gal to do? I made my own—vintage lace with burgundy shoulder pads sewn into the shoulders and finished off with a nude belt. It took me roughly 3 days of interrupted episodes of work to get it done and I'm so glad it took fairly quickly, because I wore it out today and IT.WAS.FREEZING. Any slower, I wouldn't have had the chance to wear it for another season.

so pretty! my favourite collection too. ...gosh you have a tiny waist !!

This lace dress is just so beautiful !! Can't believe you did it to perfection :)

Talented girl you are. And looking forwards to more DIYs.

The pink shoulder pads are a good contrast with the lace <3


You are so talented and amazing. I wish I had your patience to do more DIY, haha I don't know how many times I've mentioned this in a comment, but I really can't stress it enough. Keep the DIYs coming!

so cool ang i love it with the boots:)xx

girl I am still more and more amazed by your skills! love this dress a lot and don´t worry, it´l look great even with tights!

love, Tereza*

omg GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! that dress is super cute and the peekaboo shoulderpaddies are so genius! greaaaaaaat DIY as usual!

really nice job! the dress is very cute :)

Beautiful dress! You are so talented!


i love ur dress. pretty genius too with the diy. :)

Beautiful! This is one of my favourite of your posted outfits.


August 26, 2009

Wearing my DIY fringe tights, a monochrome floral shirt and a bandage dress.

Congrats to Shini of Park & Cube! I'll be shipping the necklace to her. I know she'll rock it crazy. Mad respect for her.

Gorgeous outfit!! You look so happy and pretty! <3

Oh I guess it was too late, disregard my comment on the last post. But anyhow, I loooove your tights! Looking fierce girlie!


Adorable outfit!

Those tight are to die for !! Can I have one too pleseee ? Heeee LOL

Anyway,love that you belted the outfit and the print and your floral shirt is beautiful :)

tights are really cool! simple and nifty! :) simple basics always work, especially with such smart accesoires!cool!

Nice leggins great idea with it ;)

hello dear.. :)
i curently left a comment on your Chictopia blog, (asking how to make this DIY tights).. and if I didn't get it wrong, you told me to visit ur blog so u can gimme a tutorial.. :) and you also said tht u might be able to give away one too :)
i don't really know how this DIYgiveaway things work,dear..:'( am i suppose to do sumthin' to show u that i worth the giveaway?
in case i didnt get the giveaway,will you still teach me how to make this tights?

Thank you soooooo muuuccchhhh for telling me and being sooooo nice (approving my friend request) And i'm sorry to bother you with so many many Qs.. lol. :D

Only to let you know: I am dying right now...but at least I will die happy knowing Shini has the necklace.

Love your outfit!

wowwww i love this outfit!
can't believe you created these terrific tights, you're great sweetie!!!

I didn't notice the fringing in the first photo so I was all like "what fringe?" and then I scrolled down. You definitely know how to rock those tights!

oh wow, this outfit is incredible !! im in love with the fringe with the blazer . this is perfection . i mean it .... this is perfect!

I love the silhouette of this outfit.

the fringe tights are amazing. Amaaaazing

Those tights are absolutely perfect - I've never seen anything like them before! I love how they show movement so well, I want a pair!
Wish I was as DIY savy as you.
BTW, I love your blog, following!

everything goes so well together, the tights are fab!

you look stunning. I love the monochrome palette, the oversize shirt and print, and of course, the fringing!

AND now you have the same shirt as me! okay... this is getting a little weird! looks good though :D


August 25, 2009

Look what I found in my closet today . . . this necklace was made from the remnants of a vintage rhinestone necklace, satin ribbon and spike beads. I made this to play around with the whole ribbon and rhinestone combination, kind of a like an experiment and in the hopes of recreating something more everyday-wearable but still luxurious like those luscious Lanvin ribbon necklaces. Ah, still so much to learn.

I'll select a comment below as the next owner of this fun little piece.


Pretty pretty adorable piece ! Really simple yet really chic !

Ohhh it's going to go well with my all time favourite cape :)

I am so in looooooooooove with this necklace! I love all your DIY, even you inspired me to make a rhinestones one, but mine are not so good as yours.
Is there anything I can do to be choosen?

If not I will die of envy....

Oh, wow!! This is soooo awesome! I love ribbon/metal combinations! They work so well together!! Hope I win(fingers crossed!!:):))

Ahhh I love this necklace!
The rhinestones and spikes and the ribbon? is just the icing on the proverbial cake.

that necklace is hot. i love the mixed textures.

Fabulous as always. I want to make a ribbon necklace, but with really wide ribbon. Your DIYs have inspired me to start a craft night with the girls, my first one is tomorrow!

The necklace looks great against the white of the t-shirt. Simple but with this edgy twist. Love it.

soo gooood :D at a glance, the spikes look like little ice cream cones. EVEN BETTER!!!!

OMG it looks amazing.

I'm gonna be the next owner muhahahahaha that piece is awesomee

the necklace is quite lovely! :) i never saw anything similar. thank you for the comment! :) riding bike is amazing <3

what a great cute necklace!! Your DIYs are always so amazing. and you look so cute in that last pic ehaheahe

haha shini, you are too cute!

OMG this is such a cool peice! I really really want this lol. Your very talented. I would live to match this up with some nice attire its a badass chain.

YOU! touch, you're it.
Sending you lovemail <3
(And see, I have magic powers.)

Hope it isn't too late to enter! I absolutely love that necklace, what a great DIY!


god, i'm so sorry i missed this great giveaway!!

So cute, reminds me a bit of the E&J dagger necklace.

oh my god that is gorgeous

so wicked!

so pretty, i'm loving all this creativity! xxx

i love d.i.y projects too :D

my latest diy project is a layered necklace :)


August 24, 2009

My room reeks heavily of leather because of this giant box of scrap leather pieces, but I don't mind it so much because it smells of DIY productivity! For the past few days I've been tracing and cutting leather discs, cutting smaller holes within each disc, and sewing them onto a cardigan. My fingers feel a bit tender from the prying and cutting, but I'm convincing myself that it'll be worth it in the end when I have re-created thisfor far less than $320. MUAHAHA. I've also cut enough leather discs for 2 of these jackets. So when the time comes, I'll be giving one away to a reader.

Just a preview of the jacket I've started and mah big face. Many more blistered fingers to go.

That jacket is going to look insanely good. It reminds me of Gaultier's mermaid collection a couple years ago, which I really loved.

SOPHIA you are officially a diy GENIUS! I can't wait to see the finished product. i waaannntt onneeee!!!!

I love your blog! You are really pretty, thankyou for your comment, good luck with your jacket, looking forward to seeing the results :)
follow for follow? x

oh my god, i would absolutely die if i could have that jacket!

really similar to my favourite sequin cardigan.

where did you get your leather scraps from... oh and where did you bulk by the wedding diamante necklaces from?

Love love your blog. xxxxxx

amazing! I can't wait to see how it turns out

@ATJ i found (very reasonably priced) leather scraps on ebay and etsy. you have to do a bit of searching and digging, but a good deal is there. i suggest buying scrap leather which is far cheaper than whole pieces.

as for the rhinestone necklaces, i bought them in bulk on ebay as well. however, i like to use vintage rhinestone pieces (estate sales, etsy...) for the nicer projects.

hope this helps

The jacket is looking good !! Really beautiful,cant wait to see the final result !

it's THE topshop jacket! i also had the idea of d.i.y-ing it so it's superb to see someone trying it first, haha :)

Wow, this is by far, my favorite DIY of yours. Girl, you are seriously so talented and creative - I'm jealous! I can't wait to see the finished product.

you're amazing

this is so incredibly cool!! like i really want to know how your doing some of your diy's. can you post some simple tutorials for this, and the beautiful lace givinchy inspired dress you made? :)

I know I'm quite late to comment on this post, but I have to say that I love love love your amazing leather disc sweater. I hope you don't mind, but I've been working on one myself. It's just a fabulous project and looks like a million bucks!


August 20, 2009

I've been cutting circular discs out of leather nearly the whole day for a new DIY project I've been working on. I'm slowly drowning myself in them and my room is starting to reek of fresh leather. I'll probably have it done and posted on here early next week!

DIY GIVEAWAY: A pair of embellished tights! They have fragile little organza flowers each topped off with a pearl sewn onto them. Anyway, I'm giving these tights away, so leave a comment and I'll select a winner. I recently did a DIY giveaway and really enjoyed it, let's keep it going. Good luck lovelies!

Those are stunning! You made them? I feel so scared I would rip them trying to sew! I am working on headbands myself right now, crocheting little flowers, I bet they would look cute on black tights for fall.

I WANT! glad to have you back blogging :D!

those tights are GORGEOUS. (: and i love the dress.

oh my dear, the tights are wonderful! i never tried to do anything like that, but i might try in the future. they remind me of what a fairy would wear, or possibly the snow queen from Andersen's story. they really are beautiful <3

Lovely tights!! Just wonderful!!!:)

i love your outfit, its so cute! i really love your hair too. i wish i could DIY stuff, but i'm pretty terrible at making things

those tights are beautiful. it must be such an effort to embelish them like that. glad you started a blog, i love your outfits on chictopia. xoxo

I love these tights, they're much more minimal compared to the other DIY ones I've seen. Also, I'm loving that dress. So pretty! And seriously girl, you are so generous.

omg, I absolutely LOVE those tights.
I absolutely LOVE those tights.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !
I love picnic baskets and yes, loved that you can put quite a number of things in it:))

I love your dress and what you did with the tights :) Been wanting to try that,but was afraid I mess up !

And the little flowers on it are beautiful,remind me of flowers in the gardens <3

Ohhh,I've followed you and added you to my blogroll

Oh wow I love your outfit and clever idea about the tights! I want it!!!

OMG. I love you. You're so beautiful. I so want to draw you now.

(I love the shape of your face!)

those tights are gorgeously amazing! <3

i love these tights! they has so much potential: with pearls and a cardigan for a preppy look; with a moto leather jacket for rocker-romantic mix; boots&long coats to bring the winter drab of heavy wools back to life c:

oh i absolutely adore the colour palette of this outfit. the romantic dress with blazer is ever so classy. i have a secret love for sheer tights. they're less stuffy and yet cover you up.

giveaways are such a great idea to share the fun (:

Hi, Thank you for your comment :) I love your blog, and those tights are great!

hello!thanks for your comment.Your blog is great i love your style.see you soon

Thankyou for your comments on my blog!
These tights are beautiful, and your blog is great too!

great tights, great diy!

I love your glasses! & the tights! Awesome.

draw me, really? if you're serious, then i'd love to see. i initially was drawn to your blog because of those black and white illustrations, kind of like something from a tale.

let's get in touch!

Gosh you do have a lovely blog here, I say that quite alot but yours really is lovely! What really caught my eye was that little studded headband at the bottom of your page-its a beauty, where did you get the studs from? really nice tights too, they are very sweet-i've tried customising tights before but mine went all ruched, I may have to have another go after seeing this!

p.s linked!

Absolutely adore your blog - big fan of DIY myself, might have to feature it in WINK but undecided whether to put myself in images and make it more personal!
Thank you so much for your comment.. So nice to see people liking the images and inspiration we find.
I hope we can maybe collaborate in the future?

YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! Love your glasses by the way:)

Those tights are darling. It's hard to believe they were DIY.

Wonderful outfit!
I really like it :)
specially the colors.


seriously !? i would love to win a pair of these

I love the blazer and the way you match it with the skirt and the glittering star tights..hehe...
is that part of your assignment? are you a design student?

aaww gimmmee, so cute!!!! that second pic of you is so cuties hahahha.

how was seeing patients btw?

I really liked your golden dress. Where did you get?

i love coming across a blog like yours...its a breath of fresh air....simple unpretentious style!

Delicate blossoms
Cluster on my lovely tights
White as fair dove

I would like them, please.

love the haiku fifi!

how do i get in contact with you?

@Sofie i got the gold dress in shanghai (though, ...

i got the gold dress in shanghai (though, i believe, it's by a korean designer).


omg your hair is sooooo amazing
and those tights are so cute

One word: I mean,...

One little sentence: You're fantastic.

Thank you for that comment, you're so sweet! And, yes, I would love to!

Sophia: E- mail me at ...
E- mail me at
Thanks! That is such a nice compliment.

is the giveaway over ? can i play, can i play ??


June 30, 2009

While sparing details, the last several days can be easily summed up by IV caffeine, growing muffin tops, and adopting a polyphasic sleep schedule (alternating with a no-sleep schedule). Apparently polyphasic sleep is referred to as "napping in extreme situations" that the US Military, Canadian Marine Pilots, the Italian Air Force and NASA resort to in times of crisis and/or other extreme conditions. This makes me hardcore, right?

In other news, I've been able to make a few things too in between sleep and zombie-studying, one of them a spike hairband that I'm wearing in these photos. I love it so. I'm also sporting my new pair of favourite pants. They're faux leather and I think I want to live in them.

Wearing Deena & Ozzy quilted bag, Silence & Noise faux leather pants, H&M denim dress, DIY spike hairband

That headband plus that tunic makes you look like a bad-ass princess! Those pants are also to-die-for, they look great on you.

loving the contrast between the cuteness (?) of a headband and then the spikes, the fauxleather pants are aussssuum with those shoess...

pants and headband are amazing. ah how many times have i said i love your diys!?

i lvoe how the pants and the heels look like they are one . its nice.. oh man careful with the sleep make sure you get the right amount .. iwont elaborate but at somepoint lastyear i ended up in the hospital for lack of sleep

those leather pants look uber cool with those shoes

love the spikes on the headband paired with the metal chain of the bag.

i adore your headband.

omg faux leather pants is so hard to pull off and i think are super uncomfortable but you make them look soooo comfy..also that headband is so hardcore!! For a second there I thought your pants were connected to your shoes and i thought WOAH COOL.

the leather pants/boot combo look seamless like ur just wearling one big pair of pants w/ shoes on them i LOVE that!

nothing more stunning! they really elongate your legs too which makes it even better!

and i would DIE for your headband how freakin awesome! <3

hope ur well... enjoy your 4th of july xo
<3 <3

that shot of you walking looks so badass hehe :D sigh another one of your awesome diy creations, eh? soooo good

I luv ur pants and shirt!! Ver chic!! Jasna xx

this is perfect! love the leggings, shoes, dress & hairband, yes love it all!! :)

I love everyting about this outfit!!!!! loveeee it :)

looove the outfit! Gorgeous. Hope things are okay on your end...

xox, mavi

That dress is gorgeous, I love H&M!

You have an absolutely exquisite face, so unusual!

ooh I have a studded head band. I am totally going to post it on my blog!

p.s I love love your pants!

Those pair of pants are rad! And that spiked hair band! Divine! Great outfit!

I think if I have faux leather pants like yours, I would wanna live in them too!

Just discovered your blog btw, and I'm definitely following u! :)


The dress makes her look more beautiful.

Aubade lingerie

your blog is fantastic, i'm adding you to my blogroll ;)


May 14, 2009

After seeing many iterations of fringe leggings online, in stores, and on people, I've been wanting to make myself a pair, except I'm not a big fan of leggings, so I decided to purchase some fringe and sew it onto some opaque black tights instead. Here there are.

I'm thinking of trying this with different color tights and contrasting it with funky colored fringe (like mustard yellow tights and white fringe, gray tights with white fringe, for example). Anyway, these are ultra comfy and I've never had so much swooshing around whilst walking. Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

i love it! you did a great job.

They look gorgeous!
Amazing job on them!

I bought some fringing the other day.... haven't got around to using it. Thinking maybe using it on purple. But that may look awful We'll see...

haha, it's such an inspirating post!

holy hotness you are a genius.
fringing makes my heart happy.
I want to make swooshy noises.


(my goodness I was gonna do that :P) love how it turned out Soffiifififia, and I'm sure with your long legs wearing them will be even more effective. purrrfect.

omg i love these!!!!!! just looking at them make me want to twirl around and run everywhere with the wind blowing through the fringe hahaha

sophiaaaa yet another GENIUS diy! sooo cute how it turned out :D

Amazing DIY!


Another amazing creation! absolutely stunning! hot hot hot! I'd love to see you walking down the street w/ those one and some killer heels!

Great job! Interesting idea.

these are killer x great blog

That is actually really clever.

i love that, brilliant!

BRILLIANT!!! loveeeeee, yeah I love how my legging swoosh swoosh with walking but these are way more swooshy!! genius :)

good idea girl.
looks such sooo cool and good.
birllant or something like that.

great idea!!! cool result, congrats!

These are incredible, I will definitely be trying this DIY out!

Where did you get those fringes??

sooooo coool.

I feel like Lady Gaga would rock these.

so so cool!

thank you for the lovely comment hehe


April 12, 2009

I really wanted to stud the underside of an oversized bag because I liked how the studs would remain discreet yet, just from the right angle, people can sneak a peek of the spiky goodness hidden beneath. I didn't want small wimpy pyramid studs either, so I found some pretty massive 1 inchers. They're pretty kick-ass looking.

All you'll need is:

- bag you're willing to sacrifice for the purposes of DIY

- studs (gold or silver, it's your pick)

- exacto knife

- kick-ass music playlist** (**not mandatory, but placing a 100 or so studs takes what seems like an eternity. Music will keep you sane from the repetition.)

Some quick pointers: Do measure the underside of your bag and make sure you'll have enough studs to fill it up entirely. There's nothing more anti-climactic than placing studs for about an hour, until about 3/4 the way through you realize you're short 50 studs and need to order more. I calculated that I needed ~100 1"x1" pyramid studs to fill the surface area of my bag. Lastly, before placing a stud in, imprint the prongs on the leather. Then take the knife and cut small slits where the impressions are. Pop the studs in, fold the prongs down, and you're done. Good luck!

niiiiice diy job!

also like the idea of braiding scarves.. ima have to try that. much easier on the eyes when you are piling them on, no?

Brilliant brilliant brilliant!

oh cool, i'd love to give that a try!


ohhhhhh wow.... that my dear is awesome, you did it on the right bag too!!the kick ass playlist is indeed a must haha :) xoxo

Mr Bird loves Charlotte, studs and your blog.
Perhaps he will diy himself in studs one day. Yes a bird covered entirely in studs is always nice.


woohoo, thanks for the comment I get to see your blog! love it, btw. I didn't know pyramid studs would look good too with this DIY! great job, looks awesome!

(I'm so following your blog btw)

i HAVE to do that!!!
thank you so much for the lovely comment btw <333
shall be favouriting your blog ;)
freakin' lethal bag xD

channy xx

ohh i love it!!!!this project is on my DIY list...looking for the perfect bag!!!yours looks fab:)

wow i am in love with how this bag looks!
you did so good on the DIY!
i would try, but im scared ill totally mess up!

would love for you to visit my blog

Great tunes. I love your DIY. What kind of material is the bag made of? I want to add studs to a faux leather bag from a thrift shop.

Beauty! And goodness me, I think I just fell in love with you and your blog!

x x x

you tied too! yours came out great

cool! i like it!


that looks amazing! you did an awesome job, and studding can be a bitch! x

Ooooh i like, i like! I want a massive cuff made from studs, might go DIY shopping next week...

may i ask where you acquired your studs? i've been looking online everywhere for one-inchers.....

Where are the studs froM?


love your blog!



April 9, 2009
I haven't bought jewelry in ages. A while back, I collected and sold vintage jewelry as a hobby, so you can imagine how dated my collection is. Vintage is wonderful, but sometimes a gal needs something playful, funky, and new. So I pulled out some spike beads I recently ordered, some bails, a chain and pliers. Result: A basic necklace that can add some tough-chic edge to any outfit. I can definitely see myself wearing this one quite a bit. Annnd, that's your 10 minute DIY!
Sweet! I'll have to try this, the necklace looks great :D

That's AMAZING! Good DIY.

loveee this :) very good DIY! xoxo

really great DIY, sweet necklace! thanks for your comments!

I really like this necklace!! Love your blog. Can you tell me where you bought the spikes?


February 27, 2009
I've been bubbling over with jewelry DIY ideas for the last couple of weeks. But with an internship, board exams, and school, I've barely had any time to get crafty. No more excuses though. Using vintage pearls, aurora borealis beads, pewter skulls, oversized safety pins, topped off with a Swarovski aurora borealis crystal, I crafted the necklace below. It's a funky and badass play on the classic pearl necklace. I can't wait to wear this over a sweater or blouse soon for a little bit of edge.
What a fabulous idea!!! So incredibly chic!


That is so awesome, I could see the girls in my Beautiful list all wearing one like it! :)

this is amazingg! & thanks for the comment! The camera that I use is the Canon EOS 300D, it's my dad's old camera. lol.

ps. i LOVEE your hair! My hair used to be that long - then i made the horrible mistake of cutting it. *sighs* now ill just have to wait it out!

The necklace is amazing!!!!
Adore the half tints below. I'd buy them too, they're a better shape for my face than the originals they're conceived upon.


i love the necklace!! youre great. I will make one like that also, haha
thanks for stopping by my blog :)
anyway i love your long hair!

This is incredibly amazing! You did so well with this DIY. It has a great Balmain Spring 09 vibe.

That has got to be the world's most beautiful necklace! It's so edgy, but still sophisticated, I would seriously wear it. <3

It reminds me of Tom Binns... I like <3